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Review of Local Community and Commercial Radio Stations in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia

Kalgoorlie is a small town located in Western Australia. The town has access to different radio stations that provide diverse content to its community members. From community radio stations to commercial radio stations, each station caters to specific local and international content needs.

Community Radio Stations

The local community radio stations in Kalgoorlie offer programs that revolve around community events such as news, interviews, and entertainment. Here are some of the community radio stations that are receivable in Kalgoorlie and their respective frequencies:

  • Radio Goldfields 981 AM
    The station targets the wider Goldfields community and provides diverse content, including emergencies, local news, sports, and entertainment.
  • Phoenix FM 106.7
    The station is wholly run by volunteers and caters to the diverse musical and cultural tastes of the Kalgoorlie and Boulder community.
  • Triple Y 98.1 FM
    Triple Y offers a wide variety of music genres, including rock, blues, and jazz. They also offer news, interviews, and weather updates and target audiences of all ages.
  • 96.5 Inner FM
    The station focuses on delivering fresh choral music with a strong representation of female musicians.

Commercial Radio Stations

Commercial stations offer mainstream music, news, talk shows, and other entertaining programs that aim to get high ratings and earn revenues. Here are the commercial radio stations that are accessible in Kalgoorlie:

  • ABC Goldfields 747 AM
    The national ABC station offers news, current affairs, and talk shows that provide a wide variety of content covering various topics and perspectives.
  • Hit FM 97.9
    The station plays the best mix of music, catering to a younger audience with contemporary hits and pop music.
  • Triple M Goldfields 981 AM
    The station offers the latest news and views, sports, comedy, and hard rock music. It targets audiences aged between 25-54 years old.
  • 96FM 96.1
    The station focuses on classic hits of the '70s, '80s, and '90s, and is targeted to audiences aged 40-50 years old.

Overall, residents and visitors to Kalgoorlie have many radio station options to choose from that cater to an array of content interests. In summary, the local community radio stations offer a more niche and informative approach to content, while commercial stations cater to wider audiences and target the most popular topics.

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